~Spirit-Centered Bodymind Therapies~

Robin Cornell, CMT

Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

Universal Rivers of Life
28 E State Street, Suite 4
Montpelier VT 05602


What are GR.A.I.L Beads? Find out here!
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GR.A.I.L Beads in Chalice

GR.A.I.L Beads

Your Entry Into the Heart of Transformation

GR.A.I.L. Beads are created with 100 semi-precious stone beads, with nine specially chosen “marker” beads for every 10th bead. In addition there is one very special Heart integrated bead to represent your very “ Good Heart”, your “Higher Self”, your “Innate Wisdom”, your “Soul” or whatever you choose to call that higher intelligence that guides you for your best and highest good. Your GR.A.I.L. Beads are beautiful enough to wear as a necklace (wear the heart over your heart) or wrap several times around your wrist for an abundance bracelet. Store it in your pocket in it’s pouch to be ready when you are, or hang it on the bedpost or bedside table where it will await your attention when you wake up in the morning and before you sleep at night.

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” Meister Eckhart

The objective of the GR.A.I.L. Beads is to give you a tangible way to “count your blessings” and cultivate an ever deepening, all pervasive attitude of gratitude and appreciation of your life. Metaphysical studies and quantum physics seems to agree that what you focus on grows and attracts more of the same to you.

With these beads you can train your brain, your thought patterns, and your body chemistry to create more health, happiness, and joy in your life!

All you need is a little willingness and a commitment of as little as 3 minutes each day and you are on your way to changing how you perceive and experience your world.

It’s as easy as counting to ten and easier than buttoning your shirt. Everyone can do it!

GR.A.I.L Beads in Bag

Can you imagine a life where everywhere you go, every life event you engage in, and everyone you meet brings forth feelings of gratitude and appreciation?

Working with the GR.A.I.L. Beads will train your brain to become a master detective that searches out and finds the positive and good in every situation. Does this mean you’ll never feel sad, lonely, anxious, mad, or fearful? Of course not! It does mean that you will have at your fingertips a way to move through, and release these difficult emotions more gracefully and efficiently, allowing you to move forward towards the next good thing without having to spend undo time dwelling in the pain and confusion.

More information (and a spiffy website) coming soon! For now, email Robin directly - robin@universalrivers.com - for more info or to order your set!

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